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Node.js is a free and open-source server environment that operates on various operating systems, including Windows and Linux. With Node.js, developers may utilize JavaScript for server-side scripting or running scripts on the server before sending a page to a user’s browser on the internet. Node.js hosting is used by commercial and business-oriented websites since it eliminates a great deal of waiting time.

As I said, Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime environment used by millions of developers across the world.

It has risen in popularity since 2009, and it is used by a large number of enterprises. Node.js is used in the commercial and industrial sectors.

 Both end-to-end and single-aspect application development can use Node.js.

Where is Node.js used?

Node.js hosting  is a fantastic choice if you operate a firm that focuses on a fast-paced atmosphere and wants to be productive. Node.js is a scalable programming language that is suitable for creating contemporary apps. This also implies that it scales effectively without requiring a significant hardware investment.

It also includes compatibility for the Node Package Manager, a long-time favorite (NPM). The package offers a large number of modules that make it simple to create your application.

WordPress and other PHP apps have more hosting options than Node.js. Finding a reputable and safe platform may get complicated.

Technically, there are two main options for hosting a Node.js application.

Managed – You concentrate on the application code while a service provider takes care of the hosting infrastructure.

Unmanaged – You are in charge of installing, deploying, and managing everything.

Which one should you pick?

A managed platform might be a preferable alternative if you don’t want to dive into system administration. You can use self-managed if you are willing to invest time in installation and management and have the necessary expertise.

You’re correct to be interested in Node.js if you’re searching for a fast, scalable hosting solution for your business. The issue now is: which Node.js hosting service should you go with? 

The Hosting Platform to Go With: 

MilesWeb! That is, in fact, correct. However, they also provide a Node.js solution under the A2 umbrella.

MilesWeb is a budget-friendly option. You may sign up for it for as little as Rs. 69 per month.

Because Node.js hosting necessitates specialized code, you’ll require a hosting package that has a powerful control panel. As a result, MilesWeb provides Node.js hosting with the best control panel on their shared servers.

Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb provides three plans under Node.js hosting. The plans are Intern, Master, and Expert.

All three plans come with a variety of resources and features.

The most basic plan is Intern, which costs Rs. 69/month for a three-year subscription and offers 1 Site Hosting, 1 Free Url, 10 E-mail accounts, Control Panel + 1 Click Installer, Free SSL Certificate, 1GB SSD Disk Space, Infinite Bandwidth, Website Builder, Wp Optimised, 3 MySQL DB’s.

It is best suited for small applications and low-traffic Node.js websites.

There is a monthly fee of Rs. 195 for the Master plan over a three-year period. The Master plan provides a wide range of limitless assets. The Master plan includes resources such as 1 Website Hosting, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited SSD Storage Capacity, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Web Developer, Control Panel + 1 Click Installer, WordPress Optimised, Unlimited MySQL DB’s, and more.

Using the plan for 3-year results in a monthly cost of Rs. 255 for the Expert plan and Rs. 255/mo. As the name implies, this plan offers an infinite amount of resources, including unlimited hosting for websites, a free domain, unlimited email accounts, unlimited SSD disc space and bandwidth, as well as a free SSL certificate.

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If you’re utilizing Node.js for your website, you’re undoubtedly eager to tweak your code and get your hands dirty. That’s why I’ve highlighted the security aspects here.

The following are some of MilesWeb’s security features:

  • Spam Assassin protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • CageFS and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Malware Scanning and Detection tool

Real-time malware screening and detection is provided by the software. Using our brute-force protection technology, it adds an extra layer of security to your websites to guard against security dangers.

CageFS keeps hackers from taking control of the server and exploiting its security flaws. Customers will also be unable to see or feel the presence of other usrs on the server, which isolates your hosting account from them.

MilesWeb, like any other hosting company, provides sophisticated security solutions for an additional fee – but if that’s not your thing, we think you’ll be OK with MilesWeb’s free security precautions.

Perks of Hosting with MilesWeb 

  • 24/7/365 dedicated customer support
  • 95% uptime guarantee
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Free domain
  • Free Website migration
  • js optimized servers
  • Pure SSD storage
  • Email security
  • 1-click app installer 

Key Features 

  1. Starting Price: Rs. 69 per month (three-year subscription)
  2. Money-back Guarantee: 30 days
  3. Uptime: 99.95%
  4. Free backups: At a minimal cost
  5. Free domain: Available on all the Node.js plans
  6. Free SSL: Available
  7. Disk space: Unlimited

To Sum it up!

I hope you find MilesWeb to be a good fit for your Node.js hosting requirements. You may try MilesWeb for free with a free trial or credit. After your Node.js code has gone live, do a security scan to ensure it is free of bugs.

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