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In Thailand, businesses that adopt cloud computing, as known as Cloud ไทย, have accrued numerous benefits. These include enhanced data security, reduction in cost, scalability, and flexibility over the application. As the business grows, most cloud computing service providers support hybrid capability, as they are easy to manage, deploy, and upgrade. With a variety of options from top cloud service companies, one can find the most-suited company for your project without any hassle. The following list is where to find cloud services in Thailand.

Neos IT Services 

Dedicated to building the digital future, the Neos IT services have a global team of consultants and IT engineers that work round the clock to co-create more innovative answers. They help to achieve better working outcomes that scale, optimize and protect the business in the new digital world. Neos deliver complex and big projects that result in better working businesses. Neos embrace a diversity of ideas and a rich mix of backgrounds, talents, and experiences for the business to adapt to the new behaviors fast. This enables the business to operate successfully in the digital world.

High-quality software 

The high-quality software works from a business point of view to develop software for your business. Speed and precision are key to ensure a flawless code that complies with the business’ highest standards.

Softline Group  

Softline facilitates cybersecurity services and digital transformation to customers in Thailand. Their team engages with clients to choose and integrate the right products in the most efficient way, managing and creating hybrid and secure infrastructures. The infrastructure is equipped to underpin world-class digital transformation, rock-solid cybersecurity, and cloud-based services. This helps the business improve its performance and quality of life through the most effective use of technology.


TechSpace strives to deliver quality cloud solutions to increase business agility and productivity. This caters to the robust IT infrastructure as the business grows. They offer 24/7 database and infrastructure management, cost and utilization optimization, availability, and performance automation.


Cornerstone cloud solutions allow one to identify the most efficient fix to navigate uncertainty as your business grows. They are experts in multi-dimensional analysis, scorecards, strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, and multi-dimensional dashboards. These useful executive management tools are delivered through a common web interface.

Maya Wizard  

Maya Wizard provides business solutions with cloud services that are of high quality. In the intense business competition today, the Maya Wizard focuses on leveraging digital technologies to improve business competencies. The Maya Wizard offers the right technologies and solutions to drive the business to the future it imagines.


GoPomelo involves creating intelligence from data, modernization of infrastructure, and immersive location experiences which enhances customer satisfaction. The acceleration in app innovation helps in the reliability, capacity, and performance levels of the business. They are committed to industry-leading solutions as the teams hold a wealth of certifications. Security and compliance are taken seriously and GoPomelo is focused on helping customers build what’s next. Based in Thailand, the team of cloud consultants helps organizations of all sizes to enhance digital marketplaces, evaluate and deploy cloud technology to drive innovation, and create digital workplaces.


Cloud computing market revenue in Southeast Asian countries has increased due to the high demand for cloud computing solutions among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The market value of the public cloud is higher than that of the private cloud. In Thailand, large enterprises show great potential as cloud computing users, understanding of the benefits, scoring highly on metrics such as investment budget, and skilled IT personnel. The small-sized businesses in Thailand tend to move to the public cloud to improve workflow, reduce operational costs, and remove concerns over IT management. However, medium-sized businesses tend to use customized software as well as the development of specific applications for their internal use.

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