QuickBooks chip and magstripe card reader


When you use QuickBooks software, you come up with a lot of benefits and features. The accounting, finance, and bookkeeping tasks have already become easier to handle. With that, there are great functions, tools, and elements that QB provides to the users.

QuickBooks card reader is one such interesting and exceptional element in the QB accounting software. This is also referred to as QuickBooks chip and magstripe card reader.

If you have heard the term before but don’t know what exact benefit you would receive from it. Here is everything you should know about it. In this article, we will explain to you everything about the chip reader, and how to use it, the technology, etc.

What does EMV technology Refers to?

  • The credit card vendors have introduced recently a brand-new chip technology, this technology will be inculcated in almost every credit card. The term of this new and latest innovation is said to be EMV.
  • In cars of the recent technology, there are smart chips that are specifically designed to encrypt all the information regarding sales data.
  • With EMV, it can be said as a technology designed to make the transaction process a lot safer, better and also making cards extremely useful and secure.
  • It becomes very tough for fraudsters to misuse the card since the chip is secured with extra protection and security.
  • These cards have developed a new experience for the user in which the card needs to be inserted into the card reader, to render the information of the payment. This step is transitioning from old to a new safer platform.

What Is QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Card Reader?

Nowadays, the latest and updated card readers are aimed to accept and make the payment secure, simple, and easy too. QB has also witness introducing their edition on various kinds of EMV based card readers.

These card readers are not just great for small businesses to handle payment, but also act as a form of security.

Customers are choosing a secure method to make transactions simpler and easy. They are now using EMV based credit card, that would be able to transit the fresh EMV based card readers without any error

This EVM chip is certified to work with Apple along with other Android technologies. With that, the chip is designed to work with all forms of Go Payments applications.

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Magstripe Card

It begins with a quick swipe of the card and this is done through a card reader. The payment processor will then send up an authorization request to the parties for the payment chain.

The requirements for the same:

  • It must be able to read magstripe and not EMV chip
  • It must work on the Keyboard, with the Emulation mode
  • It must be able to run in the unencrypted mode

Chip Reader

This EMV transaction proceeds when the customer inserts the card chill at the payment terminal. Then, the payment terminal proceeds by sending an authorization request to those parties to whom the payment chain is similar to the magstripe transaction.

The card further authenticates the data, and then it requests the terminal to authenticate the transactions too. Furthermore, the terminal request authority also receives a response at the same point of time when the customer removes the chip card from the reader.

Setting up your card

You will be required to plug in the Bluetooth reader to charge for the batteries. You can use the USB cable that comes with the reader. Simply follow the steps that will be based on the Go Payment applications.

Connecting QB payment

  1. Sign in to your QB as a business owner and then click on the integration
  2. Select the QB payment option from it
  3. Then, you can further move ahead by connecting the QB and then enter the payment details for the same
  4. Now, add your username and password that will be shown in the pop-up
  5. Now, you can sign in to the back office and then wait for the status, it will show that you can connect.

Charge reader

  • You need to first plug the micro-USB cable into the charging port that is on your reader
  • Now, you can plug the other end of your Micro USB cable into the charger directly.
  • Further, make sure you plug the wall charger into your power outlet, if the reader is charged by the charging dock, you can then further slip the reader into your docks.
  • Make sure you charge the reader for about 20 minutes at least; it will turn it into fully charged.


It is always a good idea to make use of the card reader provided by QuickBooks. It will benefit your business in a lot better ways along with providing enough security. Follow the right step provided to you above and see how it works wonders for you. more info to visit: http://techsitenews.com/

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