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Telegram’s user base is rapidly growing as an instant messaging platform. Despite its relative youth, it has become a dominant player in the global market for messaging apps. Support for bots, group interactions, and the sharing of content make it a valuable marketing tool. As an added bonus, sending a message through Telegram costs you nothing, making it a very economical way to get in touch with potential customers. Everything from getting started to optimising your Telegram marketing efforts for maximum return is covered in this post.

Promoting products using Telegram

You may select from a vast range of resources and formats when it comes to marketing your business online. Facebook and Twitter, for example, have been operating for quite some time and have substantial brand recognition. They also have a low learning curve. However, if you’re looking for a messaging app that’s tailored to the demands of businesses and marketing experts, Telegram may be your best bet. Using telegram platform, you can create communities and channels to share content and connect with people who may be interested in your products. You may save time and effort by incorporating bots into your Telegram account to automate certain tasks. Telegram is a great way to easily communicate with a large number of people while keeping your communications private. The platform’s security features and cloud-based design make this feasible. Therefore, if you’re looking to use a state-of-the-art messaging platform to boost your marketing efforts, you should give Telegram a try.

Telegram Statistics

About three hours per month is the typical amount of time spent by a user on Telegram. Facebook messaging users spend an average of 2.7 hours each month chatting, which is much more than the average time spent on other messaging apps. On the list of platforms ordered by the number of monthly active users, Telegram ranks tenth with 550 million members. That’s more than Pinterest (444 million users), Twitter (436 million users), and Reddit (330 million users) put together, which are the next three most popular messaging apps. The most well-known social networking sites, ranked.


The following table shows where telegram platform fared exceptionally well in terms of popularity in the iOS App Store’s social networking category: Finally, it is amazing to see how the use of Telegram varies from country to country. The United States, for instance, contributes only 2% of all users and has less than 10 million monthly active users.

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