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If you have your blog posted on a Shared Server and anticipate potential growth, you must consider upgrading to a higher server plan. Shared Hosting works fine for websites and blogs receiving a few hundred website traffic per day.

But as your blog grows with the increased traffic count and receives thousands of website visitors in a day, you must choose a higher web hosting in India.

You can go with VPS Hosting service; however, if you aren’t familiar with the server management and configuration and do not possess much technical knowledge as a blogger, a Managed VPS Hosting solution works best for your blog.

Let’s get right into the reasons why this hosting service is suitable for your blog and why you must opt for it.

Reasons to opt for Managed VPS Hosting for your blog

Managed VPS Hosting is where your hosting provider will take care of maintaining and maintaining your Virtual Private Servers, so you don’t have to worry about server administration and its upkeep.

Here are further reasons you should consider a Managed VPS Server for your blog.

1. Offers reliable performance despite traffic surges

Once your blog starts to gain visitors in thousands (over 5000+), it is essential to move on from the Shared Server, failing which will result in slow page loading speed, poor performance, and frequent website downtimes.

In this hosting service, your Managed VPS Server will be isolated from other blogs and websites. This isolated server environment and managed services from your hosting provider will offer an uninterrupted and smooth performance without any issues related to performance lags.

Moreover, an isolated VPS Server with dedicated resources will ensure your blog has sufficient bandwidth and resources to serve the increasing server requests and demands.

2.   Improved security

Even though your blog might not contain much data that demands security, but as it gains enough traction and your customers start entering their personal data and information, including banking details, passwords, credit card numbers, etc., you need to secure your blog from malicious online threats and cybercriminals.

VPS providers take utmost care and precaution by installing necessary firewalls, software, security patches, etc., to guarantee the utmost security of your Managed VPS Server.

3.  Cost-efficient

Managed Virtual Servers are far affordable and cost-effective than expensive Dedicated Servers.

Since the hosting provider handles the maintenance and management of your VPS server, it eliminates the need to hire professionals to assist you with server management and maintenance.

As a blogger, even if it might seem to have a highly competitive rate than normal VPS Hosting, it offers long-term benefits for the success and growth of your blog.


Therefore, if you have a growing blog and need a reliable and enhanced hosting solution, opt for a Managed VPS Hosting service to leverage improved performance, security, more control and customisation at a cost-effective rate.

When you buy VPS Server solutions managed by your hosting provider, you can concentrate on serving your customers and growing your blog without worrying about the management and maintenance of your VPS Server.

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