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Let’s admit it. We have always had this burning desire for a more innovative and futuristic way of life. This particular desire could be sparked by cartoons when you were young or the amazingly tech-influenced life of Tony Stark in the “Iron Man.”

However, these days it’s no longer a fantasy, as we are indeed a part of that amazing future. In the last few years, tech-oriented companies have realized numerous household products to ease certain chores around your home and further introduced a smart tech factor into your life.

So, what exactly is a smart home? This straightforward question has more than one answer, all depending on who you are asking. That said, in simple words, a “smart home” is a home equipped with multiple devices that help you automate tasks that were previously handled by humans.

As a matter of fact, some devices are built into the structure of the home, whereas some are added much later. Homeowners control these devices through applications automation, voice commands, or artificial intelligence.

For some homeowners, converting their house into a smart home may be as simple as buying a smart speaker. While others may prefer to link several different products, such as cameras, speakers, smartphones, security systems, tablets, appliances, and more.

In this article, we will be sharing with you how you can control your smart home and how it plays a part in your home security system.

Controlling Your Smart Home

Hubs are usually used to control all your smart home devices, and with more and more people opting for DIY smart home projects, you can expect to find more improved and new hubs being introduced in the tech market.

If you weren’t aware, most hubs function by hosting all app-based devices and further presenting them to the user within their individual apps. Many of these hubs are small, without any such frills, and rather affordable.

Now if you are looking for a visually appealing hub to fit in with your home’s interior, ‘panel hubs’ may be a better option. Such hubs are generally used in central control Home Automation systems, but you can also find them for app-based devices.

Smart Home Security

Smart home technology has played a major part in home security systems. This tech has given you the ability to not only control but manage your home security even when you are not around, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you are looking to secure your home, or have a vacation home, Home Automaton is an excellent idea when it comes to security. Burglary is very common and often leaves you with an unexplainable amount of damage.

Hence, having a smart home security system lowers the chances of your home being targeted for burglary, but very few homes have one. Here are some home security systems you can consider installing:

Video Surveillance

In order to keep tabs on your house, it’s best to install a smart camera. This gives you the ability to monitor your home 24/7 through the smart device, as it provides you with video surveillance. Perhaps you are worried about false alarms? Well, an app-based security system allows the user to confirm the alert by accessing the footage on your smartphone.


Smart sensors are most commonly used on windows and doors that are energy points leading an intruder or burglar into your home. You can easily get app-based sensors and they will alert you on your smartphone if someone breaks into your home hoe via an entry point.

Automated Locks

Did you know that many burglars enter your home through unlocked doors or windows? Now you can prevent this from happening by using automated locks on your doors and control them from your smartphone no matter where you are, as these devices have remote access.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Even though burglary is one of the biggest threats to the safety of your home, Fire, and gas also have the ability to cause serious damage. Smart smoke detectors will send notifications to your smartphone if triggered, and you can also silence false alarms the same way.

Moreover, they are much nicer looking than traditional smoke detectors, and you can always alert your fire department if you are not around as these smart devices can be accessed remotely.


Well, we have shared how you can control your smart home and how this technology is becoming a part o your home security system. The next step is to find the products that meet your needs the best. A smart home security system will inevitably make your life much easier!

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