What is dropshipping?

How can I recognize a suspicious online shop? How is it different from a legit online shop like Shop.Atlantek.net?

Online sales have reached unprecedented levels. This is due to the surge in pandemics and the convenience of being able to buy the products we want online from the comfort of our own homes. We buy many products from abroad because we are attracted by the affordable prices and attractive products, or so it seems.

However, more and more people are falling into the dropshipping trap, where products of questionable quality are imported from third countries.

If you want to know how to discover dropshipping, you need to know how it works. Dropshipping is based on two operators.

The first is an online shop registered in Ireland and therefore based in Ireland.

The second contractor is from outside the EU, usually from China.

Few consumers are aware that purchasing from China is problematic. It’s not just the long waiting times for delivery.

The terms and conditions of use of the website may include provisions on

Sellers of goods from Asia.

As the importer of the goods, it is the customer who pays duties and taxes.

If this is stated in the terms and conditions and there is a problem with the product (e.g. the product is damaged), you must make a complaint to Asia. This can cause problems with

Dropshipping in Ireland: why is it so popular?

For many people who want to work in online retail, the dropshipping model is very attractive. This is because the seller only has to contact the supplier of the product in question and in many cases, they don’t even have to contact them.

After all, there are excellent online platforms, such as AliExpress Dropshipping, which offer quick and easy access to a large number of suppliers. All you need to do is choose the products you want to sell and set up your own sales platform, either with a Facebook account or a business blog.

Dropshipping with Amazon  is also very popular.

The way products are bought is through a transaction where the customer orders the product and the seller contacts the supplier and places the order. The supplier then ships the goods to the customer.

Thus dropshipping in Ireland  is a relatively simple business, as the seller does not need to rent a warehouse to store the imported goods. In addition, there is no need to count the goods or order a courier service. The business is wholly owned by the seller.

This makes dropshipping also popular.

Ease of management.

Ease of logistics.

Logistics are easy and the start-up capital is low.

No inventory.

Easy logistics, no inventory, lots of products.

Unlimited market opportunities.

Possibility to work with multiple suppliers.

No replenishment.

Why are influencers increasingly promoting these stores?

Many dropshippers now rely on influencers to introduce new products to their fans. As many studies have shown, influencers are a highly trusted group of fans. In the advertising market, they are more trusted than celebrities.

The revenues of dropshippers who partner with an influencer are much higher than those who do not use dropshipping to sell. This means big revenues for the influencer.

Unfortunately, not all followers understand that influencers are usually only interested in net profits.

Dropshippers are increasingly using the reach of influencers. This allows them to reach a large customer base that is willing to buy a product promoted by a trusted influencer.

Influencers are not familiar with these types of online shops. Many products promoted by influencers are not even used. No one cares if the cosmetics that are being promoted work miracles, and most of the time they don’t, because what matters is the money that the influencer makes by promoting the product.

When deceived viewers report the scam, their idols insist that they take no responsibility for what they are promoting online.

To learn more about the scams of influencers and online sellers, read how influencers make money from the gullibility of their fans.

How to avoid getting scammed for dropshipping?

Nobody wants to be scammed. To avoid becoming a victim of dropshipping, follow these tips:

Always check if the site has terms and conditions. If you don’t see them, don’t continue shopping.

Check the seller’s details – it is a legal requirement to list the company’s address. A lack of information may mean that someone is trying to hide something, such as the fact that the company is based in Asia.

How long it takes to deliver the goods – by law, goods must arrive within 30 days of ordering. If you wait longer, you are probably dropshipping.

See what’s new in the shop – here you can find more answers about quality, delivery and many other important issues,

For example, you can find out where to send your goods if you have a complaint.

Do not trust 100% a celebrity who advertises products.

Check whether your online domain is protected by an SSL certificate.

If you have to pay an invoice which shows that you are not in the European Union, reconsider your purchase.

The red light should come on if you can only choose one type of payment.

Check the list of non-secure sites.

Make sure the company is based in the European Economic Area.

In case you are still not sure Atlantek Wireless Broadband staff is always one phone call away from helping you out!

The seller assumes all responsibility for the goods. However, if you are buying goods from an Asian country, it may be difficult to put the contract into effect.

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