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Online defamation affects a significant number of businesses. Internet defamation can negatively affect your company leading to tainted brand images and lowered sales. For this reason, it is essential to protect your online reputation, and the best way to do this is to engage an online reputation management company. By doing this, you’ll be able to stop defamation attacks as soon as they happen, which prevents harmful online content and comments from ruining your brand reputation.

What Is Online Defamation?

Online defamation refers to the publication or broadcast of false statements. These can be written or spoken against your brand and can harm your brand credibility, trust and sales. Luckily, there are different ways to keep track of your online mentions and counter any negative content as early as possible.

Ways To Guard Your Brand Against Online Defamation

1. Don’t Be Fast To React

Neglecting online defamation is a solid strategy that works. It works best when dealing with a case of low-level defamation that won’t harm your brand. Not commenting about the negative content helps avoid drawing further attention to the unfavourable statement.

2. Preserve Evidence

As soon as you suspect a problem, keep duplicates of emails or texts where people disrespect or talk ill about your company. Make copies of everything and take backup prints as well. It can be very challenging to convince someone to retract false accusations against you on social media if you don’t have any supporting evidence.

 3. Hire Reputation Management Services

The best way to minimise the harm caused by online defamation is to ensure that the harmful content does not appear in the top search results. Therefore, consult an online reputation management company and employ strategies that can help repair the damage caused by defamation. The company will help delete the negative content online, which leaves more positive reviews about your brand.

Most Google users only look at the top page of results. The fact that online reputation management uses Google’s search algorithm to give the kind of material users seek makes it effective.

4. Get It Deleted!

Request the site’s owner to delete the defamatory information. Deleting is a great tactic if you have faced excellent reputation harm from wrong online messages. Also, removing the defamation text is ideal if you have filed a lawsuit against the negative remarks and did not win the case.

5. Publish Your Statement

Making your remark to dispute a claim might be a wise option, even though getting into a shouting fight on social media platforms is not a good idea. Most importantly, it should be a calculated answer given through the proper channel calmly. When developing and releasing your statement, it’s valuable that you seek the assistance of other communications experts.

Bottom line

Negative online content can damage your reputation, lowering sales and profits. You don’t want to lose your loyal clients due to a tainted brand image. Therefore, contact a reputable online reputation management company and keep track of your online reviews and comments. This way, you can erase any negative information that can ruin your reputation.

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