Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most widely used tools among the Microsoft Office product line. It is used by teachers, professionals and even students to present agendas or products in meetings or in classrooms. To send a PPT to someone, it should always be converted to a PDF file so that no one can copy the data from it or make changes to the PPT file. There are many software or online services available to convert PPT to PDF. Here is our full list of the best online Powerpoint to PDF converters.

The best website to convert PPT to PDF

1. Hipdf

HiPDF is one of the simplest f rPPT to PDF converters available online. A glance at the website reveals a very simplistic tool that provides very good quality results, regardless of the type of conversion you make. Unlike other converters, it gets the job done in a few simple steps. HiPDF is available on all platforms as well as all popular browsers. You can do all your conversions on this top-notch platform including converting PPT to PDF.

2. Online2PDF

Unlike other converters, it has a sloppy user interface, however, it works great for converting small PPT files to PDF. There are two different modes for creating PDF files: You can create PDF file from PPT file or you can create different PDF files for each page of your file. It also allows you to select different pages to convert them to a PPT file. In addition, after conversion, PDF files can also be rearranged. However, it only allows you to convert 20 files simultaneously and the size of each file should not exceed 50MB.

3. Small PPT to PDF Converter

This converter was developed by the famous “Small PDF” platform just like other converters. It has a smooth interface and works very quickly. The main screen of the website allows you to import any PPT file stored on your computer but you can also import files directly from cloud services. This tool supports both the old PowerPoint format and the new one. Moreover, after converting different PPT files to PDF format, you can also merge them into one PDF file. The converted PDF files can then be uploaded to DropBox or Google Drive. This converter is a great option for devices based on cloud systems like Chrome OS.

4. Zamzar PPT to PDF Converter

Zamzar is an online conversion service with a pretty old school interface. It only allows converting PDF files not exceeding 50MB. You can click the upload button to select the PPT files from your computer or you can directly drag them to the web page to convert them to PDF format. You must then select the “PDF” format and enter your email address. The converted files will be emailed to you directly and you will only have 24 hours to download them.

5. Free Online PPTX Converter

Free Online PPTX Converter is the best online service to convert PPT files to PDF format. This tool not only allows you to upload PPT files from your computer, but also to use URL addresses or import files from cloud services like Google Drive, or DropBox. Once the file is converted to PDF, it will automatically download to your computer. However, it is also possible to upload the converted PDF file to Google Drive or DropBox. A unique advantage of this online converter is that it has OCR technology which is very rare for an online service.

6. Nitro PowerPoint to PDF

This online service offered by Nitro is very useful for converting Microsoft Office documents to PDF format or vice versa. Its user interface is a bit sloppy and it only offers a few options for free users. This service also requires you to enter your email address to convert your files, which can turn off users who want to avoid receiving spam in their mailboxes. After converting, you will not get a direct download link, the file will be sent to your email inbox, which may take about 15-20 seconds.

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