Technological innovations and social evolution


Today, no one doubts that technological innovation is taking an increasingly unlimited place in our daily life… and that is the question to be answered! Because it is not a question of restraining human discoveries, but of regulating them in relation to human needs, knowing that the range of needs is vast and that some are not essential to our daily life. Then how ?

From our point of view, we must refocus these discoveries in relation to a current definition of individual and collective physiological balance. Medical research teaches us every day that the stability of our organism calls upon extremely complex mechanisms, unthinkable more than a century ago except by certain researchers like Rudolf Steiner, of which twenty conferences were published in 1920, and who is expressed as follows:

“There is a close relationship between the development of the intestine and that of the brain, and without the appearance in the animal line of the large intestine and the appendix, there could not exist on the physical plane of a thinking man. Human brain development takes place at the expense of the digestive organs and these are the staunch counterparts of his brain organs. ” (Medicine and spiritual science, Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophical editions Romandes, 1984).

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We are only beginning to scientifically discover the reality of these hypotheses. However, to discover is not to invent. Of course, the power of artificial intelligence can be impressive, but what makes its power comes from the fact that it does not have any regulation system adapted to Human Society. The mechanisms involved in the human organism to promote a state of equilibrium are so complex and regulated that we are still far from having understood them. Popular science journals are increasingly addressing the mysterious correlations between all human functions.

Should we not consider human evolution through the result of discoveries of mechanisms such as the role of the intestine on the brain and the appearance of hitherto unexplained neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis? As science progresses, we are discovering the complexity and homogeneity of our organic functions. Shouldn’t artificial intelligence lead us to make the best use of our body to keep it in a state of balance and help it fight against diseases as serious as cancer?

So what are the threats of artificial intelligence today?

The isolation of humans from machines using man-made systems, but completely incomprehensible to 99 percent of the population, irresponsibility in the face of uncontrollable decisions, ultimately leading to the brutalization of populations becoming de “new slaves”.

The nervous breakdown generated by the loss of responsibility and the absence of work, the multidirectional aggressiveness born of an uncontrollable and indisputable seizure of power. Facebook gives us a sample of this underlying empowerment by analyzing the behavior of everyone on the internet, for better or for worse: it is the hand extended to the diktat of those who want power. Let us not forget that the computer machines created are the work of a few men bringing their experience which can only be a sample of human reflection in the face of all its possibilities.

Some will take cover behind the machine to get the power they dream of! Is this really what we want? Finally, are we not losing our freedom?

So, how to regulate Human Society in the face of the development of Artificial Intelligence? Indian philosophy, through the Varna, perhaps gives us a way. She bases her social reasoning on the legal regulation between the representation of all human functions. The word “Dharma” expresses the “socio-cosmic (ecological) balance” that man must learn to regulate according to the representation of each Varna and their management (it is not about castes, but social groups which are individualized according to their functional capacities)

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