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To outsource or not to outsource – that really is the question. For any business, outsourcing normally means that the company is growing, the reason for this simply being that they have the funds to do it.

Whena company first starts up, everything is handled in-house. Once said company has the funds to outsource some of these tasks, it not only helps the business expandbut also signals to others that it is well on its way. Outsourcing can help the business expand, and it’s also something which having already expanded allows a business to do more of.

The reason for this is simple enough – small companiesdo not have the funds to outsource everything, and when a company actually starts doing so, it’s a sign that it has expanded (something which is very good for company reputation and its future prospects). Remember, a company needs to constantly grow. Stagnation doesn’t mean just stagnation; it usually means company collapse in time.

There is, however, an alternative to outsourcing – hiring new staff. This is another sign of company growth and something you will have the funds to do once your company expands. At this point, the question of outsourcing website design becomes pertinent. And there is a debate about whether it is better to outsource web design at this point or to handle it in-house with new staff. Much will depend on the specifics of your business.

In-house Competence

The reason why web design is something which is frequentlynotoutsourced is that this is an area of expertise thatcan be accounted for within your own team. This is because the maximum amount of control – on your part – is usually required for effective website design. This is because the specifics of your brand identity and knowledge about what goods or service you supply is necessary to create an effective website.

Nevertheless, occasionally it is outsourced, and sometimes this can be the more effective technique. But it can be more complicated than that. Azola Creative, a company offering website design services, advise that a common strategy is to employ a hybrid approach – some elements you do yourself, and other, usually more complicated and technical aspects, you outsource to others.

The Hybrid Approach

For a well-established and successful company, hiring an in-house web designer is usually the way to go. However, this might not be possible for companies only beginning to see growth. In such cases, the approach can be hybridized. But what should you do yourself and what should you outsource?

Here follows some of the things that may require the expertise of an outsourced professional:

Illustration and Graphics

It is unlikely that a company only beginning to see growth will have a digital artist in-house. Sourcing the illustrations and graphics necessary for a great website is indeed something you can hire somebody else to do. By giving specific instructions, you can maintain close control.


The reason you can outsource this (although it can also be handled in house) is that, with an effective style guide that you create, there is no reason why a copyeditor cannot strictly adhere to these guidelines and ensure consistency in style.


Going global is a great indicator to others that your company is making strides. At this point, you will most likely already be outsourcing things like fulfilment and marketing. For website translation, you can certainly enlist the help of a professional translator.

Ultimately, your website is your identity, and it probably shouldn’t be left in its totality to others. There is, however, always the opportunity to make use of some outsourced talent.

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