History of Books


Books are the source of knowledge to man. It gives them details about ancient history, literature, and other things. Everyone can study the books offline, or online based on the requirement. Books are first written in stones as signs in the caves. Spies carried the message in a cloth and travellers wrote their experiences on tablets. After evolvement of technology, books are printed on a piece of paper. In the early days, books are handwritten by the author. Printing machines are invented and books are printed by them. The technology is developed further and the books are printed digitally by the devices. There is no physical printing cost so it is easy to publish a book online. Let us see about the early form of books.

An early form of Books   

After civilization begins man try to record history in stones, walls, cloth, bones, metal sheets, pots, etc. Some forms of early books are tablets, scrolls, codex, manuscripts, wood blocks, movable type, incunabula, and codices. People used the above methods to write history. People who worked to create calligraphy are calligraphers, copyists, correctors, illuminators, rubricators, and Bookbinders. Al the religious text is written in books and widely circulated across the people. Modern books are printed by machines. All You Can Books presents e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts to users. Subscribe for the very least amount and download the required books.

Podcasts and their types 

The podcasts are digital program which has episodes of video and audio files. People can download podcasts and listen to them. Podcasts are created and distributed to subscribed users. The podcast services have paid versions and free-to-download versions. There are many types of podcasts like enhanced podcasts, fiction podcasts podcast novels, video podcasts, and live podcasts. Internet is necessary for the users to hear the podcasts. Everyone with the podcast can hear them. See the details about the audio subscription.

The details about the audio subscription 

The e-books, podcasts, and audio books are available in digital publications. The subscriptions are available to the users to read them online and offline. The digital platforms distribute the books to the people. All You Can Books is the service provider that delivers e-books to subscribers. Compare the services with the competitors and analyse the price. The service providers subscribe for the free 30-day trial. After subscription users can have access to 1L digital content. Get the books from the subscribers and enjoy the reading. Audiobooks, podcasts, and e-books are the latest addition to the subscription list.

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