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Users with disabilities access websites differently, and in the USA, there is one out of four users has some kind of disability. Your social and digital responsibility is to ensure that your site is fully accessible to them without hassles. This step will boost their user experience, and you can reach out to them with better sales opportunities.

If you are the owner of a WordPress site, you get the advantages of search engines and web accessibility. However, little do site owners know that when they use templates, themes, and plugins, there might be problems with the web accessibility making their sites vulnerable to legal risks.

Save costs and time for your business

When it comes to enhancing the web accessibility of your WordPress, the manual processes of hiring web developers cost you a lot of money and time. The process is now affordable thanks to web accessibility tools, especially for small business owners who face financial hardships with manual processes.

Give your business the value it deserves

The accessibe wordpress plugin largely helps you to address web accessibility issues. It is simple for you to install from the official website of WordPress, and once installed, it will scan your site every 24 hours for new content that needs to be updated for web accessibility.

It has the following advantages-

  1. It is infused with artificial intelligence technology- This tool has the power of AI, and it helps your users customize the interface of your site without hassles. The application in the foreground helps them customize the color, contrast, stop animation, etc., features of the site at the click of a button.
  1. Machine learning technology- This technology manages the complex functions pertaining to screen readers and keyboard navigation that users with visual impairments have to use to navigate your site.
  1. It is affordable- Especially for small business owners who do not have the means to manually check their sites for accessibility issues every month.

The plugin helps you to remain tension free as once installed, it runs silently in the background to ensure your site is ADA and WCAG compliant round-the-clock.

It gives the risks of lawsuits at bay and gives you better sales opportunities as you are able to cater to the needs of users with physical disabilities online without hassles at all!

AI tools are better than their generic counterparts

When it comes to accessibility tools for WordPress, you will find that tools infused with modern technologies like artificial intelligence are better than their generic counterparts, which are limited in nature. Investing in a good tool with modern technologies adds value to your business.

The accessibe wordpress plugin has positive reviews in the market, and business owners, both small and large, are happy with its performance. This tool is credible and trusted for its features and functions. Banking on this credible tool will add value to your business and keep legal suits at bay with succes

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