15 essential applications for your Android smartphone


You should know that social networks are the most viewed applications downloaded from smartphones. Facebook is the # 1 social network where users interact with each other, like pages, chat with their friends, and view their news feeds. It is a must have application. There is also Instagram , leader of the pictorial social network. But also Twitter to follow the latest tweets from your followers and to follow the news and share it. Gradually, Snapchat is entering the market.


Skype and Whatsapp are the most famous applications to be able to communicate with loved ones. In addition to being downloadable on Smartphone, the application is also accessible via PC. The concept of Whatsapp is based on sending SMS, and all you need to do is provide your phone number and have an internet connection nearby to be able to use the application.


Skype only requires the user’s email address. the application is specified in visual communication.

In short, they are very useful applications in case you want to communicate with your relatives (friends, families) via abroad for example.


More and more French people are equipped with a computer connected to the Internet. And most people are used to surfing the web for research.

To synchronize data from your PC to your Smartphone, you can turn to Google Chrome . . This gives you access to all your logs, favorites, passwords, forms or even recently closed tabs, regardless of the device you use.


Among the essentials are  Gmail  and  Outlook , two of the most widely used email services by Internet users. Equipped with the same features as their counterparts, both applications offer direct access to your inbox, making it easier to read, write and send emails. In addition to the synchronization of your accounts, the Gmail  and  Outlook apps   embed your personalized categories and labels


Apart from personal social networks, applications like  LinkedIn  focus on your professional career and allow you to accept contacts into your network that you would not have added on Facebook. In addition to maintaining the link with your former or current coworkers,  LinkedIn  connects you with potential contacts, multiplying professional opportunities, expanding and consolidating your network. Interactive, the application is also based on a system of recommendations written by members of your network. As useful as your CV, these recommendations strengthen your professional credibility and your visibility on the network.


Since the democratization of GPS and other on-board navigation applications in our daily lives, it is now inconceivable to make a trip to an unknown place without having to resort to it. If  Google Maps  is a benchmark on Android devices, there are competing apps that are just as good at finding your way.

Waze , which draws its strength from its community core, informs you in real time of the state of the traffic thanks to the other users who can report incidents. Relevant data, especially when it allows you to avoid traffic jams by automatically recalculating an alternate route.


With increasingly larger screens and improved display quality, smartphones can easily be improvised into auxiliary workstations to complete the writing of a report or an account. Provided, of course, that you have the right tools. Google duplicates  Google Docs  on smartphones, a popular tool that works offline and allows you to edit Word-like files.


 Tiny Scanner is a comprehensive application capable of straightening a tilted scanned image. All that is required is to manually crop the object of the scan using intuitive touch controls. The documents are then saved in PDF format, and you can store them in specific folders for seamless archiving. In addition, a sharing option makes it easy to send your files by email without leaving the application


You have surely noticed that your smartphone is a little slower after several weeks of use? Maybe it’s time to clean up. To do this, you can use  CCleaner  , intended to optimize your device by deleting the cache of your applications to free up storage space, or by forcing the stop of applications that run in the background and make your mobile row. more info to visit: http://techsitenews.com/

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